Consumer Comments:

From Kait: “Are you still producing these? I love them and just wondered:)”
From Tabs: “Such a wonderful idea and really does save you money…its crazy! Perfect for when you’re going out and want to save a few bucks or to get ideas as to where to go! Thank you. Michael your keychains are truly awesome! Definitely worth the buy” 🙂
From Penny: “Hi Mike, Love your coupons! Still a happy customer! I love DQ ! Thanks”
From Peter: “That is the greatest idea since sliced bread.”
From Travis: “Great to see that Eastown Pizza is back. I loved their pizza”.
From Parker: “Thank you for offering this wonderful coupon book. I have been a long-time customer and sing it’s praises to many people, including the coupon groups/communities I belong to as an avid couponer. This is an amazing service for people such as myself. Most places are wonderful about these coupons and are friendly, helpful, etc. Williams, for example, are just super when we use them”
From Kelsey: “I used ONE coupon and it paid for both books I got and then some! Best thing I ever bought! “
From Jessie: “Hey Mike Its Jessie from DQ on Fanshawe Park Rd, thanks again for the coupons planning on going to a lot of these places”.
From Seham: “Hello there, I am Seham, owner of Canadian Contests and Freebies and All I have to say is I  love your coupon key chains! They are such a great deal and I absolutely love coupons”!
From David: “The Water Store ones have come in handy for the past couple of years. I haven’t had to pay for both my jugs in the past 2 years lol”.
From Christine: “In the current book, the Panago coupon is by far the best deal!! Buy a large pizza, get a Medium pizza free? Yes please! Perfect for starving students like me”.
From Dwain: “Awesome!”
From Liz: “Awesome Deals!”
From Pam: “Love the Panago coupons”
From James: “I used a coupon from Coupons on a Key Chain and now I’m hooked on William’s coffee and love the atmosphere”
From Amanda: “Discovered Meatheads Burger Coupons inside Coupons on a Key Chain and the burgers are a 10 out of 10”
From Jennifer: “I love your books”
From Marianne: “Used a coupon from your coupon book for a Burrito Boyz  and really liked the burrito. The ingredients were really fresh and plentiful. The shrimp were huge! It’s a great value for the money. The tortilla shell was so fresh

Radio Fanshawe Interview – Dec 2013 – Straight Talk with Bill Paul interviewing Michael Ayton