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Pure clean drinking water is what makes it all happen. After all we’re made up of about 70% water, so it’s only natural we crave it the most when we’re very thirsty or sick and dehydrated from the flu or other ailments. Or just worn out and thirsty from a long workout. And if you’re going to drink water you might as well drink the best water you can find.

It’s an interesting fact that the world is made up of 75% water and we’re about the same ourselves as far as water content goes. The same water that existed on earth millions of years ago still exists today. Now that’s a long lasting product, and the average person uses about 80-100 gallons a day.

Now with the same water on the planet for millions of years you’d think that it would be a terrible sludge, full of horrible diseases and a host of other unmentionable muck. With all the farm pesticides and chemicals that run off into our water system it makes you wonder how they get water pure enough to drink.

Our government municipal water systems do a pretty good job of keeping our water safe and drinkable. But nothing can compare to the taste, purity and safety of water that has been run through several more filters and reverse osmosis system process applied to it. The taste comparison is unmistakable between what comes out of the tap and water that has been treated with every known filtering technology that can be achieved by your local professional H2O re-seller.

The Water Store is self-serve and located at Wellington at Baseline in London. Need help getting the jugs into car? No problem. Friendly staff are always there to help 7 days a week. They also have several sizes of jugs and containers to lighten the load. The Water Store also sell water coolers, filtering systems for your office or home.

They offer FREE In-Home Water Test to all of their customers, that includes existing customers! So even if you have no intention whatsoever of purchasing water treatment equipment they’d be delighted to test your water anytime and discuss the results with you.
12 years in business
Over 5700 People call them; “Their water store of choice”
Pull up and fill up- quick and easy re-filling available
Carry out Service
Water Conditioners
Reverse Osmosis Systems
A+ BBB Rating
And they have the best price that I know of in Ontario on self-serve water. At $3.50 per 18 litre jug you’ll be hard pressed to find a better price anywhere, really. And if you use a 2-4-1 coupon from Coupons on a Key Chain you can get 18 litre jugs for $1.75 each.

And even better, Coupons on a Key Chain has a coupon inside ( for new customers ) our books for ( 5 ) 18 litre jugs for free. No purchase necessary to get you started. A $17 value! Free!!

The Water Store in London excels at making water the safest that modern filtering technology has to offer today since 2002. Try it and make The Water Store along with their 5,700 other customers who make the Water Store their hydration station destination…

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Click here for The Water Store Coupons

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