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Far Out Man. 
A short environmental Si-Fi story that is out of this world...
right here at home.
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. Story by Michael Valentine Ayton. Our world is covered in lush green forests, rivers crisscrossing the continents and deep blue oceans teaming with aquatic life. We’ve been here for millions of years living of the land, oceans that have provided us with our food, shelter and well being…until now. Destroying most of it in a never ending quest, inventing, discarding what was not new. And it was time to pay up. The scientists had been warning us of dire consequences if we did not change our self-destructive ways. The planet was heating up and carbon emissions were choking the life out of our world but we paid no heed to them. The world formed the Green Army//Blue Army to try and help solve the crisis that we faced. The Blue //Army removed all the weapons of mass destruction throughout the world from every country and the Green //Army replaced these weapons with pollution equipment that insured all water and sewage was treated before being put back into the oceans. Most livestock was banned because it was causing over 90% of the pollution and clear-cutting of our forests to feed our cattle with grains that could go towards feeding humanity. Livestock created more pollution than all planes, cars, ships, and trains combined by 9 to 1. The planet united because there was not going to be a habitable place to live and humankind looked to other planets nearby in hopes that our future could sustain life on other worlds. We developed powerful rockets to try and get us to a safe place in the cosmos. The planet was heating up trapping all manner of noxious gasses that were chocking us in a slow death. They said in 50 to 100 years we would have rising oceans and all manner of catastrophic events. But seemly overnight our world changed exponentially and there seemed no way to stop it. It was supposed to be decades before there was any serious climate events. The science said it would be years, but they were wrong. It was months, days, hours, now in seconds and time was running out. Coastal cities were the first to go with rising waters that flowed inland in never ending floods that destroyed skyscrapers and homes in the millions. This displaced humanity in a way the world had never experienced before. Hundreds of millions were being pushed inland, forcing people to higher ground occupying farmland that was the breadbasket for the world. The sky poured down with never ending rains and all life was being disrupted in ways never thought possible. People began fighting for what little food, shelter there was left and anarchy became the norm in our once beautiful world that was disappearing beneath the waves. Wars were no longer being fought because there was no need when the world was facing; the end of days…organized religion was a thing of the past. Believing it was better to be on your hands and knee's planting food for your neighbours than praying to a god that did not listen or care? Believing in yourself was the new way of thinking. But there was no seeds to plant and the world was to wet to plant food. Some of the smartest people were trying to find a solution to this calamity that was getting worse by the nano-second. There was one person of seemingly limitless grey matter and she was considered one of the worlds smartest people who had solved the riddle to nuclear fusion but it was still in its infancy. She was put in charge of trying to find a way to stop the planet from killing everyone, elected by all countries of the world and put in charge of the Green Army//Blue Army and had the final say on all matter concerning the fate of humanity. With a staff of hundreds to oversee all manor of scientific and technology related cutting edge advancements that she had at her fingertips…it was a race against time. There was no time left because the world had waited to long and it seemed there was only one way out of this and that was to leave for another world nearby. Almost all people would certainly die because only a handful of people were going to leave to start over in a new world to colonize. Using nuclear fusion to propel rockets was the only way to reach a nearby world. A vast distance was not insurmountable and the technology was available. But there was many problems that time was against, such as the launch pads were all under water because they were built on coastlands and useless. Our world was coming to an end because we failed to take all the warnings that were all around us. Clear-cutting forests to feed our agriculture instead of ourselves, polluting the oceans, sky and air. They new of other worlds nearby that could sustain life because they had sent probes to it. And there was prehistoric life such as huge creatures living on it that were hundreds of millions of years behind us, just like it had been on our planet at one time. If only there was more time, rockets could reach the beautiful blue planet that was the 3rd planet from our sun…but it was to Far Out Man...kind had run out of time….
Now the planet is a desolate wasteland devoid of life and stripped of the protective ions that gave the planet life because the martians had waited to long to leave to another world. They had the means but not the time. Our once beautiful world that was the 4th planet from the sun was no more…just another world that did not appreciate what it had. The end. Forever...or is it?