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Do you have a business that needs advertising in London or anywhere? You can now get a coupon inside Coupons on a key Chain for only one dollar a day, per coupon. That’s right, only $1 per day, per coupon. Flat rate. Unlimited amount of coupons per year for only $365.00 per year. And we give you the first 90 days free and you pay zero up front! Then pay only $34.37 a month and that includes the tax. Homepage link here:


This is also serious Branding for your business, both inside our coupon books and on line. We get 1000’s of unique hits per month, the best kind. If you think I’m kidding, just type in something like: Rundle’s No Frills coupons and we’re on 7 out of 10 hits one page 1. Or Veloce Italian Kitchen coupons and again we’re 7 out of 10 on the 1st page and that’s is without typing in our name!  And our searches are climbing everyday. We do it all for you for a $1 a day flat rate and  all the advertising, marketing, printing and display you at cash lanes all over London in major supermarket chains like: Rundle’s No Frills and United Supermarkets. And many other fine stores.

If you’re in the food restaurant services business, as in: pizza, hamburgers, fish & chips, chicken, entertainment, automobile, Mexican, tacos, burritos, sushi, Chinese food, Italian, pasta, ice cream, hot dogs, lasagna, frozen yogurt, subs, deli, wraps, vegan, children’s services, candy, coffee, tea, car wash, golf, night club, video, tanning, women and men’s hair salons, acrylic nails, gel nails, breakfast meals, car repair shop, tires, appliances, TV repair and the list is endless as to what you can have inside our, one of a kind coupon books on  a key chain. All these work well inside our books.

You get your very own coupon showing consumers what you’re offering. Like a Buy One Get One Free Coupon. Or a so much off coupon ( Value coupon ) or a kids coupon. This gets customers in your door to try out your goods and services. It also includes a map on the reverse side showing your exact location of your business with your logo on it. It also includes: your logo with your offer on our web site homepage with links to your on-line coupon ( not printable on line ) showing customers what you have to offer. And a link from there to your FaceBook page.

We also write a Blog like this that is searchable on line and it stays on our site on our Blog page. It is also posts onto our FaceBook page for our Likes to see. Link below:


And further we also make on-line version of our E-Book that is the same as the hard cover book that you’re in and sold in stores. The E-Book with your coupon is also linked to your web page or FaceBook page. See link below:


You get for one dollar a day a flat rate with unlimited coupons and books sold and its still only a buck a day. No mater how many books sold in a year, its only $365.00 per year. One Coupon with map and its perforated. All coupons have an expiry date on them and all expry at the same time. City wide advertising and sold all over London.

Sold in stores and on line. See list below for stores that resell books. E-Book with links. Permanent Blog written about your business on our site with your coupon offer. This is searchable and posted to our FaceBook for you. Just like this is. Your very own Homepage logo on our site with links to your offer. Your very own on line coupon ( not printable ) on our site with link to your FaceBook page or your web site. At least 250,000 consumers in London know about our coupon books. Also good in St Thomas and Strathroy.

And further we’ll mention you on the radio and the media. I’ve been on the radio over 600 times. Just listen to our radio interview on our testimonial page on our site for example of how we promote you. See link below:


I also taped Dragon’s Den in March of this year and should be on TV this fall all over Canada for Coupons on a Key Chain. I’ve also had extensive Free Press coverage. I’ve also won world awards in New York and Canada for my creative marketing and advertising services.

Our average account has been with us 7 years, because it works! And some stores have sold our coupon books for over 10 years! This is the best deal in North America for advertising your business and its only going to cost you $1.00 a day. Nothing more. This product works so well you’ll never have to advertise with anyone else again. For a buck a day! If you want more than one coupon in the books, I’ll cost you $1 more for every coupon you add inside a day. Who else do you know that works for only one dollar a day? Works far better than big flyers, expensive brochures or larger pieces of paper that are delivered by Canada Post using Ad Mail that is expensive. And if you’ve tried Groupon, you you do not make money using Groupon. And may end up in a drawer or worse in the garbage, delivered  and left on the floor. Would you not rather have your coupons advertised inside a coupon book that is sold in stores and made to fit on a key chain? And we do all the work for you for a $1 a day. Size matters in the coupon business. We want you to make money using our system and we’ll help you to have a coupon that does make you money.

You can also have just an Ad inside our books. And in many cases we can give you an exclusive contract that no other service in your business category will be advertised with you. This is also a flate rate. Books are good for a maxium of 24 months.  Or you can buy the best piece of real estate we have: our back cover for only $1 a back cover per book and good for 2 years. We do all the work for you and it includes EVERYTHING! $1 that it.

Coupons on a  Key Chain helps support local, regional and global charities, including: The London Humane Society, Make-A-Wish for Southwestern Ontario and SmileTrain.org for children with cleft palate problems all over the world. And 100% of every dollar donated to SmileTrain goes to the child and zero to overhead.

We can even make you your very own customized coupon books made just for your business. And it includes free back covers. Just imagine your very own 100 page customized coupon book made just for you to hand out to your employee’s. Books can be coded for every employee and you can run a contest to see who gets the most coupons back and give that employee a prize or money. 15 Key Chain books customized with 100 coupons per book and can have Scratch Tickets too. 1500 coupons total all on key chains for only $150.00 plus a one time set up fee of $50. 100% customized and made just for you with your entire agenda inside.  Or we can make you 100 page customized coupon books using our coupons with up to 10 pages of your very own for $5 a book. Like your very own business cards, coupons, Ads, favourite charities,your business agenda, anything you want can be put inside. Call us for information. just ask for me, Michael 519-679-3100 or email us from our site. See this link below:


This product is sold in the following stores all over London. Buy at any of these locations: Coupons On A Key Chain is sold at: Jumbo Video at Adelaide @ Huron, The Water Store at Wellington at Baseline, Fanshawe Mini Mart next to Fanshawe College on Oxford Street, Toner Tech 1724 Hyde Park, and Rundle’s No Frills on Southdale, United Supermarket on Adelaide, Treadmill Factory on Wellington, Hyde Park Computers on Hyde Park, Rust Check On Cheapside, Pause Cafe @ 111 Waterloo St, Your Tropical Escape on Gladman Ave. Campus Hi-Fi on Richmond, AK Arts Academy in Hyde Park. See link blow for store displays:

$1 a day for advertising, its that simple.



Thanks for shopping Coupons on a Key Chain……………..Michael