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Coupons on a Key Chain

Start up a publishing coupon book in your city.

Layout 1I have been in the coupon and advertising business for 37 years. I’ve won worldwide awards at the 1987 International Advertising Festival of New York and in Canada for Direct Mail. I can set you up with an exclusive Coupons on a Key Chain business in your city and it is a multi-stream income product. Much more than just a coupon book on a keychain as you can write short stories, review anything you like and you have 500 sides of the paper on the keychain to sell and fill with anything your imagination can dream up. Think of it as a way to print money legally as you only need 4 client accounts to break even and the rest is pure profit. It includes 100% of everything you need to make and sell this product to stores and online. Apple Mac, printer, a professional paper cutter, software and all layout templates needed to make this product 100% in-house. Will also include a web site. All equipment is brand new. I will have everything sent to your home, set it up and teach you the know-how for up to 2 weeks. Plus on-going video support online. You do not need any special skills as everything is in a template layout, is very easy and simple to make coupons books daily. Not a franchise or a license and you are under no obligation to stay with me but I have so much experience you’ll want to keep me in your loop for a couple of years. You can go on your own anytime you like as you’re under no obligation in any way because at this stage in my life I just want to duplicate this business and get paid for my know how. Think of me as your personal business consultant and it keeps the government out of the picture. Contact me for a no cost or obligation consult anytime. Thanks for shopping Coupons on a Key Chain………….Michael

P.S. You have zero competition anywhere in the world as no one makes this product and is the easiest advertising to sell because we guarantee the clients inside the book in writing cost-effective results. No account receivables to chase around as its all direct deposit and money is deposited daily into your bank account automatically while you sleep. 24-7-365. And no door to door selling as this product is sold in stores for $5 and online.

Click here to see where our coupon books were sold and displayed in London Ontario for 15 years. See sample E-Book below. See links above for more complete details. Please like us on FaceBook…just click the link up top. If you can’t see E-Book you may need Plug-in.